About Global Electro-Comm


Global Electro-Comm. International, Inc. is a Dallas Texas USA based corporation, was founded in May 1989 and incorporated as a stand alone company in November 1993. The company’s two principals consist of a certified professional engineer with 30 years of experience in all aspects of IT/Telecom including planning, engineering, design and management, and a lawyer who has practiced law for the last 30 years and is a retired colonel from the US Army.


GECII has an experience base consisting of formal academic, up to Ph.D. and hands-on technical expertise that allows the company to undertake IT/Telecom activities that include highly customized and turnkey projects of any complexity and magnitude worldwide.


Experience & Qualifications

GECII is principally a telecommunication system engineering, consulting and systems integration company formed to serve commercial, civil and military clients at both the domestic and international levels. GECII is a services company. GECII provides a broad range of high value, high technology telecommunications services in each of the aforementioned areas with proven ability to manage people, capital and technology at levels of productivity that meet the most stringent demands of this fast-growing information economy.

GECII realizes that the selection of a telecommunications system, starting with requirements gathering through implementation from among hundreds of product line offerings, is a complicated and challenging task. In fact, any selection is an important business decision and one that often involves risk for every businessperson or communications manager.

GECII’s staff has the capability and expertise to consult and plan with you objectively on how to optimize the selection process based on your specific requirements and how to avoid all the pitfalls. GECII knows that this can only be achieved by demanding the utmost quality in products and services and professionals of the highest caliber. All this is aimed at realizing complete customer satisfaction and ensuring that the customer is always the first beneficiary in every endeavor.

A system that is performing reliably is crucial to maintaining cost efficiency and profitability. Stories abound on information and telecommunications systems malfunctioning, causing undue business losses. The main causes are: • Inferior quality products • Poor system design for specific business requirements • Improper or non-thorough installation and test • Limited capacity to plan for growth and/or to accommodate new features and services • Incompatibility with emerging technologies/standardsGECII15 • Poor training or inadequate training for the end user


  Services offered by GECII are constantly evolving to meet management needs and respond to the expected and unexpected changes in technology. Furthermore, GECII will also strike strategic teaming arrangements with other prime contractors especially on large programs, independent consultants, IT/Telecom equipment vendors and other integrators so that large projects, which would otherwise require Fortune 500 resources, can be performed by GECII in a timely and efficient manner.