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Products & Services NAICS Codes


515111  Radio Networks
517212  Cellular and Other Wireless Telecommunications
517410  Satellite Telecommunications
517910  Other Telecommunications
541330  Engineering Services
541340  Drafting Services
541511  Custom Computer Programming Services
541512  Computer Systems Design Services
541513  Computer Facilities Management Services
541519  Other Computer Related Services
541690  Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541710  Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences
561210  Facilities Support Services
561320  Temporary Help Services
811212  Computer and Office Machine Repair and Maintenance
811213  Communication Equipment Repair and Maintenance

GECII is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Business Affiliate, professional services provider, PSP, and Channel Partner of some of the best known IT/Telecom industry leaders, such as: HP, Nortel, AT&T, IBM, SBC, T-Mobile, Cingular, Cisco, Lucent Technologies, Dell Computers, LanOptics, Compaq, Ingram Micro, EHPT, TelCom Carib, Digital Global Networks, GTel, Onqnetworks, dash2Broadband, Webstar Holdings, InterVoiceBrite and IPAXs. GECII has also subcontracted to Rockwell international, Texas Instruments, Alcatel, NEC, Samsung, EXi Parsons, TNS, MSI, Mycom, GCI, EDS, Sprint, MCI, LDDS, WorldCom, Wiltel, GTE, TU Electric, Alcatel, UTL, Cellular One, Qualcom , Logitel, Nokia, Comdex, USTDA, and US Army TRADOC.

GECII is responsive to new developments in the telecommunications environment to help its customers manage and adjust to change and to leverage new technology. By working closely with our clients, encouraging and seeking client participation in every engagement, GECII ensures complete customer satisfaction and understanding of the results of our services.

GECII112At GECII, we manage our business through the concept of TEAMWORK. This promotes a very thorough analysis and design process that is practically risk free and independent of the usual politics and biases that pervade many large corporations. Our specialty, telecommunications consulting, strategic planning, systems design, product development, project engineering and management and technical support services are targeted to global Fortune 1000 companies.

GECII continues to insist on:
• Providing high quality products
• Performing superior system design that meets the customers present and projected requirements
• Ensuring compatibility with emerging technology
• Providing proper documentation and training
• Strictly adhering to recognized standards, practices, and ethics
• Retaining professional staff of the highest caliber and carefully selecting projects that are consistent with our capabilities.

GECII designs LANs, MANs, and WANs for the campus, airport or other local environments with the same stringent standards as for metropolitan, national, and global networks. The underlying philosophy is to correlate customer needs to applicable technology, posture to take advantage of the latest innovations while protecting the embedded base, and managing the infrastructure economics to retain required capacities and capabilities at all times while allowing graceful upgrades in response to growth, changes in mode of operations, or new developments.

GECII maintains its technical leadership role, delivering quality, cost-effective and efficient solutions to satisfied customers through the employment of strategic partners, teaming arrangements, joint ventures and subcontract alliances. GECII has positioned itself as the innovative systems house, systems integrator and total system solution provider.

GECII step-by-step network design process includes the following:

Requirements Analysis
Feasibility study
Technology and product planning
System design, development and integration
Quality assurance plan
Information assurance plan at subsystem, system and facility level
System administration and technical support plan
Project engineering and project management
Training and technology transfer

GECII has the experience and expertise to work with customers, anywhere in the world, to provide a superior and innovative IT/Telecom solution with the appropriate information assurance, QOS and cost effectiveness to deliver state of the art services and products. GECII will provide the resources for needed hardware/software administration, information System Security Management including Public Key Infrastructure/Common Access Card Administration, Cryptographic Support as required as part of a turnkey solution.

eGovernment SolutionsGECII1525
Currently, citizens and businesses are demanding better and more accessible services from government and expectations among peer government agencies are keeping pace. GECII has positioned itself strategically to help its worldwide clients meet this demand to deliver everything from new electronic government initiatives to secure electronic data storage and wireless transactions; all while promoting information sharing and protecting citizen privacy. Whether your organization needs to enhance information flow as government-to-business, government-to-citizen, government-to-government, or government-to-employee, GECII stands ready to help pave the way.

Leveraging a public and private partnership allows one to access existing assets, avoid costly capital expenditures and gain efficiencies by working with an experienced IT/Telecom services integrator. By teaming with GECII, Clients can gain key support services such as

Critical interaction centers,
Reliable communications
Robust infrastructure consulting
Reliable and scalable web hosting
Backward compatibility through legacy interfaces
Continuity plans and Information assurance.